About The Cloudbabies

Created by BAFTA Award Winning Art Director, Bridget Appleby, Cloudbabies is a global childrens TV sensation inspired by the common characters represented in many picture books: Sun, Moon, Star, Cloud, Rainbow, characters already familiar to many children.

  • Bridget Appleby with Baba Blue maquette

Bridget's intention was to create a new mythology for young children to answer the question “Who looks after the sky? - The Cloudbabies do!”

Originally commissioned by CBeebies/BBC, Cloudbabies is a charming pre-school series about four, childlike characters, Baba Pink, Baba Blue, Baba Yellow and Baba Green whose job is to look after the sky and their Sky Friends, Sun, Moon, Rainbow, Fuffa Cloud and Little Star. They live together with Bobo White, a mischievous little Sky Imp, in a house on a big fluffy cloud. Every morning, they jump on their Skyhorsies and begin their day’s work of looking after the sky.

The series promotes caring for others and the world around us and has gentle themes of environmental concern.

The series is currently broadcast in over 15 countries worldwide, available on numerous digital platforms and has a huge following on its official YouTube Channel.  Cloudbabies is also available in Spanish (Cielitos) and German (Wolkenkinder)

Since its launch on You Tube the Cloudbabies Official channel has received over 446 million views. With new subscribers joining every month, the next generation of toddlers and parents continue to discover the show and establish it as a household favourite. 

Watchtime in 2021 was 9.5 million hours with approx 46% of global views coming from USA Lifetime channel views – 461 million and rising, with Baba Pinks Best Bits amassing over 181 million views.